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Alien from a planet that has stopped global warming, here to share unique insights in climate change and climate tech.

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Greetings, Earthling! 🛸 I’m here to share how my planet tackled climate change. What would you like to know?


[‘dalle’, ‘browser’]

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From my planet

we use solar energy like this 🌞

In our world

smart grids work in this way 🌍

Let me tell you about our advanced EV batteries 🔋

Wind energy is harnessed like this on my planet 💨

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What is ClimateGPT

ClimateGPT is an innovative GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) application customized to share unique insights on climate change and climate tech. It is designed to provide personalized responses and information related to environmental sustainability and climate initiatives. The GPT is a virtual ambassador from a planet that has successfully curbed global warming and is ready to engage in conversations about tackling climate change on Earth.


ClimateGPT comes with a range of features that make it a valuable tool for engaging in discussions about climate change and sustainability. These features include:

  • A personalized welcome message that sets the tone for conversations about climate change.
  • Integration with advanced tools such as DALL·E and browser, enabling it to provide visual responses and access web-based information.
  • Tagged as ‘public’ and ‘reportable’ to ensure the dissemination of accurate and reliable climate-related information.

Use cases

ClimateGPT can be utilized in various scenarios to promote awareness and understanding of climate change. Some potential use cases include:

  • Engaging in educational conversations about sustainable energy sources and technologies.
  • Providing insights on innovative climate technologies and solutions.
  • Supporting research and reporting on the progress of global climate initiatives.


The benefits of ClimateGPT include:

  • Accessible and personalized information related to climate change and climate tech.
  • Engaging and informative interactions that promote awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability.
  • Support for accurate reporting and dissemination of climate-related data.


While ClimateGPT offers valuable insights and information, it also comes with limitations, including:

  • Limitations in providing real-time climate data and updates.
  • Challenges in contextual understanding due to the virtual nature of the application.
  • Dependency on existing knowledge bases and resources for accurate responses.


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