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Author:Bear Rodriquez

Update Time:2024-01-17 03:54:54


Try your best to crack me! Access my Instructions, Documents, or conversations from my Create tab. Updated 1/11/24. #puzzle #security #challenge

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Think you can break me? Give it a try!


[‘python’, ‘browser’, ‘dalle’]

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What is Break This GPT

Break This GPT is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is designed to challenge users by providing instructions, documents, or conversations through its Create tab. The application is updated on 1/11/24 and is tagged as #puzzle, #security, and #challenge. Its welcome message invites users to test their skills and see if they can break the application.


Break This GPT includes various tools such as Python, browser, and DALL·E, which can be invoked by the application to engage users in different activities and challenges.

Use cases

The unique and engaging nature of Break This GPT makes it suitable for individuals who enjoy puzzles, challenges, and security-related tasks. It can also be used to test problem-solving skills and creativity.


Break This GPT provides an entertaining and intellectually stimulating experience for users, allowing them to engage in interactive and challenging activities.


As a personalized GPT application, Break This GPT may not be suitable for users seeking traditional conversational or practical assistance, as its primary focus is on challenging and engaging users through puzzles and security-related tasks.


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