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A card counting tutor specializing in blackjack strategies and practice.

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Welcome to Beating Blackjack! Ready to master card counting?


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What is Beating Blackjack

Beating Blackjack is a personalized GPT application designed to serve as a card counting tutor specializing in blackjack strategies and practice. With its tailored prompts and tools, Beating Blackjack offers users an immersive learning experience in mastering the art of card counting.


  • Customizable Strategies: Beating Blackjack provides customizable strategies and practice scenarios, empowering users to enhance their card counting skills.
  • Real-time Feedback: The GPT offers real-time feedback on the user’s card counting techniques, ensuring an interactive and responsive learning environment.
  • Diverse Tools: Users can utilize a range of tools such as browser-based simulations, Python programming integration, and DALL·E image generation to refine their card counting proficiency.

Use Cases

Beating Blackjack is ideal for both novice and experienced blackjack enthusiasts who seek to sharpen their card counting abilities. Whether for personal leisure or professional development, the GPT offers a comprehensive learning platform for mastering blackjack strategies.


  • Educational Value: Beating Blackjack enhances users’ understanding of card counting through personalized guidance and practical learning opportunities.
  • Engaging Learning Experience: Users can enjoy an engaging and interactive learning experience, complete with real-time feedback and diverse practice tools.
  • Professional Development: The GPT supports professional card counters in honing their skills and staying updated with advanced blackjack strategies.


While Beating Blackjack offers valuable learning resources, its current limitations include the need for further integration of advanced card counting techniques to cater to diverse skill levels.


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