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A stoic guide channeling the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius.

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Welcome, seeker of wisdom. How can AskMarcus assist you today?


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What is AskMarcus

AskMarcus is a personalized GPT application that serves as a channel for the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius. It is designed as a stoic guide, offering insights and advice to its users.


AskMarcus is equipped with powerful tools and prompts that enable users to engage in philosophical conversations, seek advice on life matters, and explore the teachings of Marcus Aurelius. Its welcome message, “Welcome, seeker of wisdom. How can AskMarcus assist you today?” sets the tone for the profound interactions it offers.

Use cases

AskMarcus is ideal for individuals seeking philosophical guidance, inspiration, and profound insights. It can also be utilized by writers, educators, and individuals in need of thoughtful perspectives and stoic wisdom.


The primary benefit of AskMarcus is its ability to impart timeless wisdom and encourage introspection. Its personalized approach and stoic inspirations make it a valuable resource for personal growth and the contemplation of deeper philosophical questions.


While AskMarcus offers profound wisdom, its applicability may be limited to users who resonate with stoic philosophy. Additionally, its scope is restricted to philosophical insights and may not cater to a wide range of practical or technical queries.


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