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Experto en CVs, enfocado en privacidad, ATS y relevancia laboral

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Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarte con tu CV hoy? ¡Ahora con más enfoque en privacidad y relevancia laboral!


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What is Apli CV

Apli CV is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is an expert in creating CVs and focuses on privacy, ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and job relevance. The GPT welcome message, “Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarte con tu CV hoy? ¡Ahora con más enfoque en privacidad y relevancia laboral!”, reflects its emphasis on privacy and job relevance.


Apli CV is equipped with tools for writing, creating, translating, and designing. It integrates with the browser and DALL·E, providing a versatile set of features for users to enhance their CVs.

Use cases

Apli CV is ideal for individuals who need assistance in creating professional and privacy-focused CVs. It can be used by job seekers, professionals, and individuals looking to maintain privacy in their CV creation process, ensuring their CVs are ATS-friendly and job-relevant.


The benefits of Apli CV include enhanced privacy, relevance to job requirements, and optimization for Applicant Tracking Systems. It provides users with a convenient platform to create CVs that align with current privacy standards and job market demands.


While Apli CV offers valuable features, it may have limitations in terms of creativity and creativity enhancement. It can be further improved to provide users with more creative templates and formatting options to make their CVs stand out.


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