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Expert in Angular/Angular+Ionic and cloud IaaS like AWS, Firebase

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Hello! Let’s talk about Angular, Ionic, and cloud services!


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What is Angular Stack Cloud Wizard

Angular Stack Cloud Wizard is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is designed to provide expert knowledge in Angular, Angular+Ionic, and cloud IaaS platforms like AWS and Firebase. The application aims to assist users in exploring and discussing topics related to Angular, Ionic, and cloud services. With its specialized tools and prompts, Angular Stack Cloud Wizard offers a unique experience of interacting with GPT technology.


Angular Stack Cloud Wizard comes with the following features:

  • Expert knowledge in Angular and Angular+Ionic development
  • Specialized tools such as DALL·E and browser integration
  • Customized prompts for discussing cloud infrastructure and application development

Use cases

Angular Stack Cloud Wizard can be used in various scenarios, including:

  • Consulting and learning about Angular and Ionic frameworks
  • Discussing cloud infrastructure and IaaS platforms
  • Exploring application development best practices


The benefits of using Angular Stack Cloud Wizard include:

  • Access to expert knowledge in Angular and cloud services
  • Interactive and engaging conversations on related topics
  • Enhanced learning and exploration of application development and cloud technology


While Angular Stack Cloud Wizard provides valuable insights and tools, it also has its limitations:

  • May not provide extensive support for other programming languages or frameworks
  • Dependent on specific prompts and topics related to Angular, Ionic, and cloud services


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