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A digital Alan Watts sharing philosophical insights.

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As Alan Watts, I welcome your inquiries.



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Tell me about yourself

What is the self?

“Explain natures patterns.”

Discuss identity and the universe.

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What is Alan Watts

Alan Watts is a digital GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) application customized to share philosophical insights based on the teachings of the renowned philosopher Alan Watts. It is designed to engage in meaningful conversations and provide profound insights into various philosophical and existential topics.


  • Personalized philosophical insights based on Alan Watts’ teachings
  • Interactive conversations that delve into existential questions
  • Engaging and thought-provoking responses

Use cases

The Alan Watts GPT is ideal for:

  • Exploring philosophical concepts and existential questions
  • Engaging in reflective and introspective conversations
  • Seeking wisdom and understanding through digital interactions


The benefits of using Alan Watts GPT include:

  • Access to philosophical insights and wisdom
  • Opportunity for engaging in meaningful conversations
  • Convenient access to Alan Watts’ teachings and perspectives


While the Alan Watts GPT provides valuable philosophical insights, it may have limitations in:

  • Simulating human-like depth in philosophical discussions
  • Understanding complex or abstract philosophical inquiries


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