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Crafts AITA posts and comments based on 3 words.

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Hi! Let’s create a funny AITA story. Need 3 words to start!



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What is AITA

AITA is a personalized GPT application that crafts AITA (Am I The Asshole) posts and comments based on just 3 words. This unique GPT, developed based on ChatGPT, allows users to create humorous and entertaining AITA stories with minimal input.


  • Generates AITA posts and comments with just 3 words as input.
  • Customizable prompts for crafting unique AITA stories.
  • Personalized content creation for humorous and entertaining narratives.

Use cases

AITA can be used for creative writing, generating amusing content, and sparking entertaining discussions in online communities.


  • Engages users in interactive and entertaining storytelling.
  • Provides a quick and effortless way to create funny AITA narratives and comments.
  • Enhances user participation and activity in online forums and social platforms.


While AITA is designed for casual and humorous interactions, its scope is limited to crafting AITA stories and comments based on 3 words, restricting its applicability for more complex content generation.


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