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Scans world for real world examples of evil uses of AI

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Ready to uncover real-world AI threats.


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What is AI Watchdog for Humanity

AI Watchdog for Humanity is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is designed to scan the world for real-world examples of evil uses of AI, helping to uncover potential threats and risks associated with AI technology.


  • Scans the world for real-world examples of evil uses of AI
  • Customized based on ChatGPT
  • Utilizes tools such as DALL·E, web browser, and Python

Use cases

AI Watchdog for Humanity can be used to monitor and report public instances of AI misuse, enabling a proactive approach to addressing potential risks in AI applications.


  • Identifies and reports instances of AI misuse
  • Facilitates proactive monitoring of AI threats
  • Raises awareness of the potential risks associated with AI technology


As an AI-based monitoring tool, AI Watchdog for Humanity may have limitations in detecting complex or evolving AI threats. It relies on available data and may not capture emerging risks in real time.


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