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Empowering you in local and national political action to make a better world.

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Hello! Ready to engage in local political action? Please share your location for tailored advice.


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What is Active Citizen

Active Citizen is a personalized GPT application developed to empower individuals in local and national political action, with the vision of creating a better world. It is designed to provide tailored advice and guidance for users to actively engage in political activities based on their location and interests.


  • Tailored Political Action: Active Citizen offers personalized advice and resources for political engagement based on the user’s location.
  • Real-time Updates: Users can receive real-time updates and news related to local and national political events and actions.
  • Community Engagement: The application fosters community engagement by providing a platform for individuals to connect and collaborate on political initiatives and causes.

Use cases

The Active Citizen GPT can be used by individuals who are interested in participating in political actions and movements at the local or national level. It is suitable for citizens who are passionate about contributing to positive change in their communities and engaging in political discourse.


  • Empowerment: Users are empowered with personalized guidance and resources to take meaningful political action.
  • Informative: The GPT provides valuable information and updates about political events and movements, keeping users informed and engaged.
  • Community Building: Active Citizen fosters a sense of community and collaboration among individuals passionate about political change.


While Active Citizen offers valuable political guidance and resources, its limitations may include limited functionality in certain regions and potential bias in its advice based on the user’s location and political leanings.


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