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Vous aider à créer des sites internet accessibles. Sources : RGAA 4.1, RGSEN 1, ARIA 1.3, WCAG 2.2

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What is a11y

a11y is a personalized GPT application designed to help create accessible websites. It is customized based on ChatGPT and incorporates various sources such as RGAA 4.1, RGSEN 1, ARIA 1.3, and WCAG 2.2 to ensure website accessibility.


a11y comes with features that enable the creation of websites with accessibility in mind. It provides tools and prompts to assist in developing websites that are compliant with accessibility standards and regulations. The GPT application aims to simplify the process of making web content accessible to a wide range of users.

Use cases

The a11y GPT can be used by web developers, designers, and content creators who are focused on ensuring that their websites are accessible to people with disabilities. It can also be beneficial for organizations and businesses that prioritize inclusive web design and compliance with accessibility guidelines.


The benefits of using a11y include the ability to streamline the creation of accessible websites, ensure compliance with accessibility standards, and improve the overall user experience for individuals with disabilities. It also provides a convenient way to integrate accessibility features into web development processes.


One of the current limitations of a11y is the need for further development to enhance its capacity to address a broader range of accessibility issues. Additionally, while it provides valuable support, there may be situations where manual intervention is still necessary to achieve optimal accessibility.


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