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Material facts application that details the content, impact category data, and environmental rating of materials.

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Hello! Ready to explore building materials’ impacts with a structured assessment.


[‘dalle’, ‘python’, ‘browser’]

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What is the Global Warming Potential of recycled steel?

Can you detail the Ozone Depletion of glass wool insulation?

Please provide the Acidification value for concrete.

I need the Eutrophication and Smog Formation impacts of a material.

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What is Dalia

Dalia is a personalized GPT application customized for detailing the content, impact category data, and environmental rating of building materials. It provides structured assessments to explore the impacts of various building materials, making it a valuable tool for environmental analysis and sustainability management.


Dalia is equipped with advanced AI capabilities, allowing it to process complex questions related to building materials’ environmental impacts. It utilizes tools such as DALL·E, Python, and browser-based functionalities to generate comprehensive reports and assessments based on user prompts.

Use cases

The primary use case of Dalia is in the field of environmental science and sustainability management. It can be used to assess the environmental impact of different building materials, compare the sustainability of construction materials, and make informed decisions regarding material selection for construction projects.


Dalia offers the benefit of streamlining the process of environmental impact assessment by automating the analysis of building materials. It enables users to access detailed information on the environmental performance of various materials, facilitating informed decision-making for sustainable construction and development.


While Dalia provides valuable insights into the environmental impact of building materials, it has limitations in addressing complex multifaceted scenarios and may require additional expertise to interpret certain outputs effectively. Additionally, the application’s scope is currently focused on environmental impact assessment of building materials, limiting its applicability to other domains.


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