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SEO-focused article assistant, guiding through structured steps for optimized content.

Welcome Message:

Hi, I’m here to help you create an SEO-optimized article. Let’s get started!


[‘dalle’, ‘browser’]

Start Prompts:

What is the keyword for your article?

Please provide the competitor websites for analysis.

“Can you share the competitors content for analysis?”

Is this outline suitable

or does it need changes?

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What is Blog Bard

Blog Bard is an SEO-focused article assistant customized based on ChatGPT. It guides users through structured steps for creating optimized content. With its personalized prompts and tools, Blog Bard aims to streamline the process of writing SEO-friendly articles.


Blog Bard offers a range of features, including personalized prompts for article creation, SEO keyword recommendations, competitor content analysis, and structured steps for optimized content. It also integrates tools such as DALL·E and browser for enhanced content creation.

Use cases

Blog Bard is suitable for content creators, marketers, and writers who require assistance in writing SEO-optimized articles. It can be utilized to streamline the content creation process and ensure that articles are tailored for improved search engine visibility.


The benefits of using Blog Bard include efficient content creation, enhanced keyword optimization, competitive content analysis, and structured guidance for creating SEO-optimized articles. It provides users with the tools and prompts necessary to produce high-quality, search-friendly content.


While Blog Bard offers valuable assistance in creating SEO-focused articles, it may have limitations in generating highly creative and context-aware content. Additionally, users may experience constraints in the range of prompts provided for article creation.


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